Soap Absorbent

We are manufacturer and exporter of high quality perlite base Filter aid with brand name
“Clean-Flow” in India with plant capacity ______ MT per annum. Our plants located in Gujarat
& Karnataka which helps us to provide best services in terms of delivery with best economical

Catering to high demand from international market looking for high Quality product, Manek
Active Clay took painstaking effort and successfully put up manufacturing facility to provide high
quality product with best price along with economical logistic cost.

Perlite base Filter Aid is a natural aid to industrial filtration for making the filtration system fast
and more economical.

Uses of Perlite Filter Aid / Diatomaceous Filter Aid:

Perlite Filter Aid have gained acceptance in almost every industry concerned with the separation of liquid and solids, and even gasses and solids. The followings list, although not all-inclusive, given an indication of the many applications where Perlite Filter Aid are being utilized due to their low density , availability, performance, economy and environmental footprint.