Clay Aggregate

We are offering Environmental friendly green revolutionary product “Light Weight Exclusive Clay Aggregate” with brand ” GREEN PLUS”.

“GREEN PLUS” is manufacture from natural clay,  we source clay from mine and process at latest techno plant.  “GREEN PLUS” is design to hold moisture up to 45 % v/v. ” GREEN PLUS” Processed through high temp Killan, which gives hardness for sustain long time.


Help to plant:
Retain excess water up to 45 % v/v, and can release water when soil gets dry.

Healthy plant:
Better oxygen level to plant by absorbing excess free water

Save water:
Longer watering cycle, due to high water holding property.

lower mortality due to Better drainage.

No Mosquito:
Less mosquito birth due to dry surface. 

Non Toxic:
Made from Natural Clay, no harmful to plant.

More roots growth:
Maintains moisture level for better plant roots growth.

Top Dressing:
Give Better look and helps to reduce water Evaporation.

Save roots:
Top dressing helps  to protect roots from harsh sunlight. 

Specification of GREEN PLUS :

Available Packing of GREEN PLUS :


2 Kg

20 Kg

600 Kg



20 Kg

600 Kg

Green Plus Available

Applications of Green Plus

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